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Genre Drama; Rating 68 votes; Runtime 1 hour 47 min; Creators Susan Chan; ; Wing-Cheong Law. Bao quan doi nhan dan. Xiao qi. That's not her brother, its her cousin (her uncle's son. Bao quang ninh. Xiao q trailer. Xiao qian. Bao qdnd. 👉Hiệp sĩ Minh cô đơn làng đại học bị gài bẫy, đốt xe, phá chòi.

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Xiao qiang kung fu. Que es xiao. Xiao qiao. 好听♡我喜欢你的歌. If there is something like soulmates between a dog and owner, this is it. 狗狗是我的親人. Episode kebrapa ini. Xiao q ouyang md ny. 導盲犬在中國會被吃掉. Anggur merah is the best in one 👌. Why am i crying in the club right now. Xiao qing asia's next top model.


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Note: given that this is a drama about the implosion of a site that happened years and years ago, most of the evidence has been deleted, and is not recoverable with the Wayback Machine. A long time ago there were screenshots of everything that went down, but those screenshots were hosted on photobucket, which pulled the plug on all their stuff some time ago, so most of this is compiled from my memory of what happened 12 years ago and some secondary sources. Background Part 1: The Great Paysite War For basically its entire existence, Sims 2 fandom has been divided on one main issue: whether or not it is ok to charge real money for custom content such as custom furniture, hairstyles, clothes, etc. Technically this is against the game's EULA, which states that all such content belongs to EA and therefore cannot legally be sold by anyone else. On the other hand, to my knowledge EA never actually prosecuted anyone for selling custom content, or even so much as asked nicely that anyone stop. But a lot of people in the fandom felt that not only was this illegal, it was also immoral, and didn't lead to the kind of fandom they wanted to be part of. One notorious modder called J. M. Pescado created an archive called the Booty, where he and his followers uploaded content that was being charged for elsewhere so that anyone could download it for free. A little bit about Pescado, because he's involved in this drama as well: he's well-known for making a lot of very useful mods, some of them critical fixes for unpatched bugs that can actually corrupt your game installation. He has an internet persona that is sort of a cross between "old man yelling 'get off my lawn'" and the kind of persona that the Best Page in the Universe guy wanted to have, but the community was endeared to him. Basically, since he does contribute positively and constructively to the community, people gave him a lot of leeway to be a jerk, and some people found it amusing due to it obviously being a persona. Most of the early parts of this drama are sourced from the forum attached to Pescado's website where he hosts the Booty, called Paysites Must Be Destroyed. On the other side of the paysite debate was an extremely sketchy website called The Sims Resource which hired creators as contractors, included malware in their downloads, and regularly sent fake C&D letters to hosting companies to get Sims 2 fansites that posted TSR content removed. As a result, Pescado actually wound up personally hosting a large number of Sims 2 fansites that had been attacked by TSR and taken down by their third-party hosting services. Anyway, this was a huge, constant, ongoing drama and the result was that any hint that some custom content was being sold for real money (not including donation drives on free sites to keep the site running) was generally regarded with intense suspicion and hostility. Background Part 2: (or just Insim) was a Sims 2 fan forum that was pretty well-known - it's primary purpose was to host a mod called the Insimenator, which was a huge general-purpose cheat utility mod that almost everyone used occasionally, but a lot of other smaller-time creators also uploaded content and mods to the forum as well. The site was run by a couple named Kathy and Eric, who created and updated the Insiminator. The site had very limited involvement in the previously mentioned paysite drama - it was very much a free site and was frequented by anti-paysite people but Kathy and Eric restricted discussion on the issue. There was also an adult sister-site called InsimAdult for adult content and mods. Periodically, Kathy and Eric would show up and tell everyone that they were in dire financial straits and desperately needed donations to keep the site functional, and would start a donation drive where they had to raise a certain amount of money within a time limit. Typically the Insimenator mod was taken down until the amount was met, and was then put back up after the drive was over. The Drama In late November of 2008, the Insim supermoderators received this email from some guy named Walt. Walt claimed to have recently bought Insim from Kathy and Eric, and said he was a web marketing guy, and "not a “gamer, ” and [he didn't] know much about The Sims" which already bodes extremely badly. Furthermore, he wants to set up a subscription system for InsimAdult, and possibly also one for Insim prime. Note: TSR's business model was also a subscription system. Immediately people get worried about where this is going. The site is also suddenly very unstable after being trasferred to Walt. As promised, Walt soon spams Insim with polls asking how much people would be willing to pay for subscription, and essays about his grand plans for splurging on expensive new servers for the site. Everyone is confused and worried that Walt will turn Insim into a paysite, and Walt does not do anything to assuage their fears. Delphy, a respected member of the community who runs one of the largest fansites, gives Walt some tips about running a website and asks how much it would cost to buy Insim from him, eventually offering to buy it for $2500. Walt rejects this offer. People start to wonder exactly how much Walt paid for the site in the first place. Someone finds the site where Kathy and Eric had listed Insim as being for sale and find that they were claiming that it had a revenue of $3200 a month while only costing $500 a month for hosting. Delphy questions the number of visitors and pageviews that were stated; Pescado estimates that "Insim's constant server-costs issues are a product of either woefully inept financial management, embezzlement, or both" and "It is highly likely that everyone, from Kathy & Eric, to Walt, to the donators, have all been cheated. " I can't find it now, but there is also a post from Pescado estimating that Insim must have made probably only 1/10th of $3200 a month in ad revenue. People start to wonder if Kathy and Eric lied about the site's revenue, or really were making that much money from their donation drives, and which option would be worse. Walt comes back with another post, this time containing a touching story about the Great Depression that he feels sure will resonate with his mostly-millenial audience. He also reportedly says "THE FUTURE OF THE SITE IS BRIGHT" (caps not mine), which will become a recurring joke as everything steadily goes to hell. The following exchange also occurs: Insim user: walt can you understand why so many of us are concerned and upset though we had NO warning whatsoever and IMO that isnt right what we need now is honesty Walt: Sure, I understand. What I don't understand is why some people think I can fix the way they left. I can't. No one can. Get over it. This does not improve public sentiment. Walt posts again saying that it is now Thanksgiving day and he has important Thanksgiving things to do and will be signing off. Someone on PMBD makes a prophetic comment: This Walt must be very trusting. He has left several people with Admin status, not taken care to ensure they are on his side (in fact knows some of them are not), and gone off to eat turkey for the day. Heck for all he knows they could be deleting the whole site by now. Pescado announces Warplan Beige, in which he will scrape all data from Insim's servers and rehost the site on his own servers. Meanwhile, everyone who hosted their content on Insim begins removing it, not wanting to let Walt profit off of their work. There is also some drama about who is allowed to be on Insim while Pescado is scraping the servers. A new site is created, Sim Oasis (sadly no longer exists) where the Insim refugees congregate and reupload their content. The Insim servers, already in a bad state since Walt took over, melt periodically as all this is going on. Walt returns from his vacation, sees where things are headed, and decides he wants out, and offers to sell the site back to the community for $10, 000, prompting speculation that he actually paid that much money for it in the first place. Pescado finishes scraping the site, and shows up on Insim to make Walt a final offer that he accept $500 for the site and GTFO. As Walt is not interested, Pescado gives the order to pillage and burn. Hundreds of angry people, some of them with admin access, beging trashing the site, including vandalizing Kathy and Eric's avatars and signatures. A number of moderators quit dramatically and Walt himself fucks things up further trying to bring things under control without help (or, seemingly, any idea how to moderate a forum). Shortly after this, goes offline permanently, never to return. Pescado rehosts his copy of Insim and InsimAdult at, adding yet another Sims 2 fansite to the list of sites hosted by Pescado. And there was much rejoicing.
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Xiao qiang jump. Emperors who rebelled against a ruling power always end up losing everything. Pu Yi of China and Bahadur Shah Zafar Khan of India are two such examples. Xiao qing gan tea. 👉 Lời kể của ông xe ôm tìm người thân cho cô gái lưu lạc 20 năm. Es la chica de when we were young 2019 ohh. Xiao wangdong. Xiao qing. I like dragon day, you're dead. Xiao qiao and zhou yu. I want more stories of them 😘😍.


Only 03 ep of my girlfrirnd is an alien has been uploaded so far. What about remaining ep? Pl upload them quickly so that we can understand it better. It's people like you that restore my faith in humanity,god bless you wonderful lady and your companion Maisie. Only one word for you angel Lots of prayers and love dear😘😘😍😍😇😇😇😇. This clip made me cry😭😭.

This is too much funny 😂😂😂😂💕💕💕

The lyrics made me cry buckets ngl. Xiao qing long tang wan. Xiao yu cun seafood restaurant. Bao quoc phong. Xiao ting. Muy interesante, gracias por subtitular 😉. Bao quang ngai. 狗狗摔倒的那幕 眼淚就流出來了😭😭😭😭. Xiao qiu. 我想带你去网吧里偷耳机. Xiao dong. Xiao qinxin. Xiao quan photographer. Xiao qing long wan. 你笑起来真好看. Xiao qing ge. Xiao q1 nail & spa. Xiao qing ge karaoke. Xiao zhu. บี้ทำไร เช็ดหน้าต่อไป💖💖. Xiao quan photography. Bao quoc. 中央想过那么多文化输出的方案,没想到最后冲出亚洲走向世界的居然是学猫叫. Xiao q r. Xiao qin wang san diego map. Xiao q u.

Ich bikIn bApER mA KalIanZz bErdUa😙😍😘. Episod 5 n 6 mna... ?soalnya hanya kualitas chanel video ini yang terbaik dari yang lain mohon sekali episod 5 and 6 please...




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